Food safety training program in Armenia organized by Ministry of Commerce

December 11, 2019

R&D director Dr. ZHAO and Technical manager Claire WANG were invited to give trainings on food safety rapid test technologies for Armenia officials and management. This program lasts for 3days.

Ringbio BT Combo 3+3min test kit validated in a Ring Test by ILVO

December 05, 2019

In this recent RING Test organized by ILVO, our BT Combo 6min Test is validated together with 6 other products, the performance was well studied and proved to be excellent and reliable, consistent with the kit instrctions

World Antibiotic Awareness Week WAAW2019

December 05, 2019

Antibiotics are so important chemicals in nowadays. People and animal can not survive without them. However, more and more use of them may lead to severe problems, drug resistance is the most important issue.