Pasteurized milk
Character short expiration date, perfect nutrition contained
Preparation the raw material of this milk is raw bovine (goat) milk, then treated with pasteurization, and the liquid milk was got. The milk would be heated at 70 0C first then cooled down quickly during this treatment, which would result in the death of the bacteria.
Distinguish fat content >= 3.1g/100g; protein content >= 2.9g/100g; expiration date is less than 7days; storage condition should be low temperature.
Comments pasteurization can retain the major nutrition of the milk. vitamin B only loses 10%.

UHT milk
Character can be stored at temperature, the protein and calcium content is similar to pasteurized milk.
Preparation the raw material of this milk is raw bovine milk, and treated with high temperature (123 0C) then cooled down rapidly.
Distinguish fat content >= 3.1g/100g; protein content >= 2.9g/100g; expiration date is around 6 months.
Comments compared to pasteurized milk, vitamin B and C loses 5-10%, but the protein and calcium can be retained perfectly.

Modified milk
Character some materials that can improve the taste was added.
Preparation this milk was contained by 80% raw bovine milk and other additive, such as high calcium milk, jujube milk and walnut milk.
Distinguish fat content >= 2.5g/100g; protein content >= 2.3g/100g, the additive is white granulated sugar, calcium, vitamin and food additive.
Comments the nutrition or taste of this milk can be change in this way, which will apply to different group of people.

Reconstituted milk
Character lose many bioactive substrate, but retain the traditional nutrition.
Preparation dry the milk into power, then add water or milk, which will bring in larger content of furosine and lactulose.
Distinguish reconstituted milk will be marked in the surface of external packing.
Comments traditional nutrition (like fat, protein, sugar, vitamin, inorganic salt and water) is similar to UHT milk and pasteurized milk, but bioactive substrate lost most, such as immune proteins, active enzyme and bioactive peptide.

Milk for breakfast
Character a kind of modified milk
Preparation this milk usually adds some other nutrition, like oats, walnut and food additive.
Comments the protein content is much lower than pure milk, so this milk cannot replace the breakfast and fruit.

Character can be stored at room temperature or low temperature, protein can be absorbed easily.
Preparation the raw material of this milk is bovine milk or power, and treated by sterilization,inoculation and fermentation, then the yogurt can be got.
Distinguish the expiration date of yogurt is different from their storage temperature
Comments the yogurt is suitable for those people who cannot absorb lactose, the lactose enzyme in yogurt can help the absorption of protein in milk.

Bovine colostrum
Character can improve immune system
Preparation come from the milk got from dairy cow within 72 hours.
Distinguish the content of IgG >= 12mg/ml
Comments this milk can improve the immune system of someone, but not everyone.

Milk beverage
Character can be classified as beverage but not milk, the protein content is lower.
Preparation this milk is based on the dairy milk, then made up by add some water and ingredient.
Distinguish protein content >= 1g/100g
Comments this milk is more like beverage but not a kind of dairy milk.


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