Rapid Test Kits to detect antibiotics in Eggs in 10min with simple dilution

It is never easy to guanrantee food safety for the public, which is really a big and complicated question for all government and manufacturers. RINGBIO, as part of the whole food chain, is always devoted in the development of rapid tests to simplify the procedures and cut down the cost in such a "bad" period of economics.

Egg Rapid Test Kit List

Currently at RINGBIO, there are several tests for egg testing, and more tests are being developed in the meantime.

Product # Type Test Format Description Package Size
E1017 Egg Test Single Cefalosporins Rapid Test 96T
E1018 Egg Test Single Cefalexin Rapid Test 96T
E1036 Egg Test Combo Beta/Tetra Combo Test 96T
E1041 Egg Test Single Sulfonamides Rapid Test Kit 96T
E1052 Egg Test Single Fluoroquionlones Rapid Test 96T
E1074 Egg Test Single Chloramphenicol Rapid Test Kit 96T
E1077 Egg Test Single Florfenicol Rapid Test Kit 96T
E1079 Egg Test Combo Chloramphenicol Drugs(CAP/TP/FF) Combo Test 96T
E1092 Egg Test QuaTest Nitrofuran Metabloite (SEM/AHD/AOZ/AMOZ) QuaTest 96T
E1905 Egg Test Single Amantadine Rapid Test 96T
E1906 Egg Test Single Fipronil  Rapid Test 96T
E1907 Egg Test Single Nitroimidazoles Rapid Test 96T
E2021 Egg Test Combo Florfenicol/Quinolones Combo Test 96T
E72101 Egg Test Combo Neomycin/Florfenicol NF Combo Rapid Test 96T
E72201 Egg Test Combo Fluoroquionlones/Erythromycin FE Combo Rapid Test 96T
E72301 Egg Test Combo Tilmicosin/Tylosin TT Combo Rapid Test 96T
E73101 Egg Test TriTest Beta/Tetra/Sulfa Drugs, TriTest BTS Rapid Test 96T
E8141 Egg Test Combo Tylosin/Tilmicosin Rapid Test 96T

All these tests are now used in routine analysis in local egg producers and traders. If you are interested in all these tests, please feel free to let us know. We are always open to discuss the collaborations. At Ringbio, we are also open to develop new tests for customers, if you need any other targets being analysed, please also let us know.