Guidelines for mask wearing from Ministry of Health

Guidelines on mask wearing from MOH, China. This article is a translation of the guidelines, which is hoped to provide information to the general public. Please read at your own discretion.

Wear masks:

- For low to middle alert level areas, in public places such as offices, restaurant, meeting, bus or elevators, you should take one disposable surgical or medical face mask with you. Wear it when the distance to other people is less than 1 meter. In high alert level areas, always wear disposable medical face mask.

- For people coughing or with other realated symptoms, wear medical mask or surgical mask. - For people already recovered from COVID-19 or isolated in house, wear medical mask or surgical mask.

- For public services such as hospital, bus station, train station, subway, supermarket, bus and entrance check of other buildings, wear medical mask or surgical mask. In high alert level area, wear KN95/N95 masks.

- For occupacion exposed individuals such as medicals, polices, security, etc, wear surgical masks.

- For doctors and medical team in COVID-19 testing, diagnosis and treatment, and for lab staff collecting, testing, handling and processing COVID-19 related samples and suspicious individuals, wear medical protection masks.

No need to wear

- In places like home or outdoor where no people gather and with good good ventilation, no need to wear

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