May 10 - Beijing  RINGBIO hereby releases our latest Meat Rapid Test Kit on meat antibiotic residue testing, which can be used to detect antibiotic residue fast, sensitively and simply.

All Meat Rapid Test Kit Products

Product # 500001 Meat Tetracyclines Rapid Test Kit
Product # 500002 Meat Sulfanomides Rapid Test Kit
Product # 500003 Meat Beta/Tetra/Cefalexin BTC TriTest 3-in-1 Rapid Test Kit

The Meat Rapid Test Kit operation step

Homogenize the samples, extract with buffer, then centrifuge for 5min, take the supernate directly for assay. No organic solvents, no precision operation. Lab staff and market operator can easily do the test whether it is in lab or in the shop.

If you are interested in these meat test kit, please feel free to contact us by email to [email protected]

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