July 30, Beijing - According to OIE bulletin website, OIE is now calling for a global initiative for African swine fever control as ASF is spreading quickly around the world and causes great damages to the swine industry. 

OIE initiative for African swine fever control

The global spread of African swine fever (ASF) has been unprecedented in recent years, with a growing number of countries in different regions reporting outbreaks of the disease. Countries affected by ASF struggle to control and minimize losses, while countries that are still ASF free face an increasing risk of the disease’s introduction. Owing to the global socio-economic repercussions, controlling ASF is a high priority for both affected countries and those free from the disease.

OIE initiative for African swine fever control

Controlling ASF remains a challenge due to its complex epidemiology; the lack of a safe and effective vaccine, means that strict biosecurity is required for control; and the immense difficulty in implementing the necessary measures and changing high-risk practices within the diverse and demanding scenarios that many countries face. The task can be compounded by a lack of political support, technical capacity, and sustainable resources. To respond to this challenge, there is an urgent need to revise the current understanding of ASF, facilitate the development of adequate scientific approaches and effective tools, increase commitment and support of governments, improve the technical capacities of Members, and engage in effective risk communication with the relevant stakeholders and development partners.


About Ringbio

As a participant of the swine industry, Ringbio has been working proactively. During the last few years, we have developed various test kits and tools for the detection of African swine fever virus, and helped millions of farmers and hundreds of factories in China, as well as in Vietnam, Philippines, etc. Below is a list of these products. As there is no effective vaccine to ASF, the main strategy in all countries is to eliminate this disease and eradicate it eventually.  Effective tools and kits will be most important for this strategy.

Ringbio African Swine Fever Antibody and Antigen ELISA kit and Rapid Test Kit


These kits were validated internally and also by our customers. If you need please feel free to contact our sales team for help. We also have distributors worldwide to handle your request locally.


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