Ringbio is ready to continue our story in 2020

Feb 10, 2020

Feb 10th, Beijing - After a long Spring Festival holiday, Ringbio is now ready to get back to business. All our staff are ready and  well-prepared for the orders of last month and the coming Feburary. Thanks to the support and kindness of our partners and customers, we are growing everyday.

It is always said a good beginning brings a fruitful year, it is definitely true based on our experience. However, for our country, this 2020 doesn't start well. With the spreading of nCoV, people are worried and anxious about everything, even some customers ask us if this will be influencing our business. Here with this first article of our website in 2020, we would like to say, Ringbio is always the same. We can always support our customers and partners with our best offer. All products and services will remain high quality. Our team are all ready.