November 1st, 2019, Beijing - Ringbio is pleased to announce the availability of a new QuaTest 4-in-1 rapid test kit for the detection of the four important classes of drugs in daiy cattle, beta-lactams, tetracyclines, sulfonamides and fluoroquinlones. With this newly available test kit, customers are able to detect more than 40 kinds altogether at the same time with the single test strip in 10min. Result is fast, sensitive and easily obtainable.
According the internal validation, this kit can detect all target drug residues at European MRL level, which only take 10min to get a visual result, further interpreted by NBReader Q3 system, the result can be stored eternally for future trace back.
More information about this BTSQ rapid test kit can be requested from Ringbio team. You can always count on us for product updates, sales information and technical support.

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