Camel milk fraud test kit to detect cow and goat milk fraud in camel milk

Dec 14, 2020
Camel milk fraud test kit to detect cow and goat milk fraud in camel milk

Milk in its natural form has a high food value since it is comprised of a wide variety of nutrients that are essential for proper growth and maintenance of the human body. In recent decades, there has been an upsurge in milk consumption worldwide, especially in developing countries, and it is now forming a significant part of the diet for a high proportion of the global population. As a result of the increased demand, in addition to the growth in competition in the dairy market and the increasing complexity of the supply chain, some unscrupulous producers are indulging in milk fraud. This malpractice has become a common problem in developing countries, which lack strict vigilance by food safety authorities. Milk is often subjected to fraud (by means of adulteration) for financial gain, but it can also be adulterated due to ill-informed attempts to improve hygiene conditions. 

As currently camel/goat/sheep milk is considered as another source of protein for human consumption, which is regarded as high nutrition, low allergic. thus in the dairy field, one of the most common frauds is the adulteration of higher value types of milk (sheep and goats, or camel) with milk of lower value (cow's milk). This illegal practice has an economic advantage for milk producers and poses a threat to consumers' health because of the presence of hidden allergens as, for example, cow milk proteins, in particular, α(s1)-casein and β-lactoglobulin. The urgent need for sensitive techniques to detect this kind of fraud brought to the development of chromatographic, immuno-enzymatic, electrophoretic, and mass spectrometric assays.

What is Ringbio camel milk fraud test kit?

Ringbio camel milk fraud test kit has two models, which are used on different occasions.

Item # Product code Product name
1 410003 Ringbio camel milk fraud test kit - cow milk from camel milk
2 420003 Ringbio camel milk fraud test kit - bovine & goat milk from camel milk

The detection limit is also different, which can be less than 1% by volume, which is quite sensitive and accurate according to Ring Biotechnology Co Ltd internal validation.
Antibiotic residues, milk from other sources such as donkey, yak, etc, do impact the accuracy of this test kit.

Download Ringbio milk fraud test flyer here.

How to use this camel milk fraud test kit?

This test kit is a classic dipstick test based on lateral flow assay. For each test, one test strip and one microwell reagent will be required. Before testing, all the reagents and samples shall be brought to room temperature. Simply take 100ul or 200ul sample with the micropipette or minipipette provided in the kit, then incubate for 3min. Insert the dipstick into the well and incubate again for 5 or 7min. The test result can be read by eye or by NBReader Q3 system.

The video below will show you how to run the testing.

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