June 11, 2020, Beijing - Ringbio is happy to announce that our COVID-19 IgM IgG Rapid Test Kit has now been registered in German DIMDI. With this registration, our COVID-19 IgM IgG rapid test kit is able to sell in EU and other related countries.

German DIMDI operates for the database "in vitro diagnostic indicators (MPIVDA)", which listed all registered medical devices. In the past, the database is not open to general public free, users have to pay certain fee to access the entries. During the COVID-19 pandemic, German DIMDI prepared a list of the registered medical device for the use of COVID testing, which is considered as information for related audiences.

According to DIMDI website, there are currently 329 test kits registered in Germany till June 11 2020. If you want to verify this registration, please visit DIMDI website, https://www.dimdi.de/dynamic/de/medizinprodukte/datenbankrecherche/corona-tests/


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