dairy milk testing from RINGBIO for antibotics aflatoxin M1

Dairy Milk Testing Products and Solutions

Milk has become important protein sources for human beings. Among all milk sources we have, dairy milk is definitely No. 1. Modern dairy farms have developed sophisticated production systems to maintain high milk yield of cows. Dairy milk quality is of great importance for consumers around the world. Most countries have now established strict maximum residue levels/limits (MRL) for contaminants like antibiotics, mycotoxins and illegal additives, etc.

Currently all RINGBIO dairy tests are CE complied. ELISA kits and Rapid test kits are CE mark for all RINGBIO dairy milk test kits marked.

Rapid Test Strips for dairy milk
RINGBIO Dairy Milk Rapid Test Kits

Here at RINGBIO, a serials of rapid tests for antibiotic residues, mycotoxin, illegal additives are available to help farmers and producers to keep their milk safe.

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