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Neomycin Rapid Test Kit

Neomycin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic which has been used for a long time in veterinary clinical practice. Due to the potential hazard to human, strict MRLs have been set in EU, USA and other countries.

Key facts of the Neomycin rapid test kit

  • Ready to use kits for farmers, truck drivers, etc
  • No incubation required
  • Result visible in less than 10min
  • High-specific to neomycin

Detection Limit of the kit

150ppb, this detection limit may change, please refer to the kit insert.

Kit Components

  • Neomycin Test Strip, 96pcs
  • Microwell reagent, 96wells
  • Plastic Pipette, 96pcs
  • Neomycin reagent, 96wells