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Kit Principle

Folic acid, vitamin B9, is used as a supplement by women during pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects (NTD) in the baby. Low levels in early pregnancy are believed to be the cause of more than half of babies born with neural tube defects. More than 50 countries use fortification of certain foods with folic acid as a measure to decrease the rate of NTDs in the population. It is added into many different food and drugs.

Key facts of the kit

  • Ready to use test kit based on microbiology growth
  • Method adapted from ISO standards
  • Applicable for milk, baby formula, pharmaceutials, food and feed, etc.

Key parameters

  • Sensitivity: 0.16 ug/100g
  • Stability: 12 months when stored properly
  • Accuracy: 90%-105%
  • Assay time:60min
  • Incubation: 44-48 degree celsius

Kit Components

  • Precoated microwell, 96wells
  • Folic acid standard solution
  • Culture medium
  • Sterialized water
  • Plate cover