RINGBIO Products and Services

RINGBIO is a food and animal diagnostic company. Our business now covers dairy milk testing, swine, poultry, cattle and fur animal diagnostic testing.

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Dairy milk safety

Dairy Milk Testing

We have over 30 different kinds of rapid test kits for antibiotics and other contaminants, for example, beta-lactams, beta/tetra combo, aflatoxin M1, melamine, etc.

Fur animal testing - to test mink aleutian disease

Fur Animal Testing

Fur Animals are nature's gifts, which shall be treated with care and love. Mink, as one of the most important fur animal species, are now distributed around the world. We have mink aleutian disease ELISA kit and Rapid Test Kit for your choice.

Poultry Testing Products and Services from RINGBIO

Poultry Testing

Avian influenza testing solution is our specialty, we have general AIV tests, H5, H7 and H9 tests, etc.  We also have avian leukosis virus antigen and antibody tests.

Swine Tests to identify swine diease and pregnancy

Swine Testing

We develope tests for Classic swine fever, PRRS, PCV2, foot-and-mouth disease, and so on. Our featured product is swine pregnancy rapid test kit, just like other pregnancy test, easy, simple and affordable.

Cattle Test to identify beef and dairy cattle diease

Cattle Testing

Both dairy and beef cattle are important businesses. Feeding, nutrition, health management all contribute importantly to cattle herd performance. We now have BVDV and FMD ELISA kits.