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African Swine Fever Virus antigen ASFV Ag Rapid Test Kit is used to detect ASF antigen in swine serum, plasma, and whole blood.

African swine fever (ASF) is a severe viral disease affecting domestic and wild pigs. More recently (since 2007) the disease has been reported in multiple countries across Africa, Asia, and Europe, in both domestic and wild pigs. In 2018 and 2019, ASFV is spreading quickly to Asia, Southeast Asia. In countries like China, Vietnam, etc now ASFV is becoming a big threat to local animal farming.

This ASFV antigen rapid test kit is based on lateral flow immunoassay to detect antigen of ASFV in swine serum/plasma/tissue extract, etc. which only takes 10-15min to get a visible result. No special instrument required and no extra cost added, which is quite suitable for lab tests and field tests.

The antibodies used in this kit is a paired monoclonal antibody against ASFV p72 protein. Sensitivity is enhanced by mixed other ASFV specific antibodies.

Note: this kit does not contain any contagious materials, which is not hazardous to human or animal.

Product name ASFV Ag Rapid Test Kit
Product code C30021
Principle Sandwich antibody immunoassay
Species Swine, porcine
Specificy >95%
Sensitivity >90% compared with Real-time qPCR when testing the infected dead pigs
Detection limit 106 - 107 TCID50/ml, Ct value of qPCR is approx. 25
Shelf-life 12 months
Storage 2- 30 oC or 2-8 oC

* The detection limit of this kit was tested by the ASF Reference Laboratory of Canada

Key facts of the African Swine Fever Virus antigen ASFV Ag Rapid Test Kit

  • Ready to use kits for farmers and the general lab staff
  • No special instrument required
  • Suitable for field test
  • Result in 10-15min
  • Detection limit: this kit detects ASF Ag to CT value of 30 or less according to comparison research done by our customers.

African Swine Fever Virus antigen ASFV Ag Rapid Test Kit Components

ASFV Ag Test Components
Item # Item Qty
1 ASFV Ag Rapid Test Card  50 pcs
2 Sample buffer, 5ml per bottle  3 bottles
3 Plastic pipettes, 0.5ml  50 pcs
4 Kit instruction,   1 set


  • This kit has been submitted for registration in the China Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs


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