Bird flu testing in wild birds with Ringbio avian influenza test kits

Nov 16, 2022
Bird flu testing in wild birds with Ringbio avian influenza test kits

Bird flu in wild birds

According to US CDC, wild aquatic birds including gulls, terns, and shorebirds, and wild waterfowl such as ducks, geese and swans are considered reservoirs (natural hosts) for bird flu viruses. Most wild birds infected with bird flu viruses are asymptomatic (i.e., do not exhibit signs or symptoms of illness). Recently, bald eagles, owls and many other raptors were also found infected and killed by bird flu, which raised a big concern on the expanding impact of bird flu on wild birds.

In fact, bird flu, aka avian influenza, or more precisely, highly pathogenic avian influenza, is a class of highly contagious viral diseases in domestic birds, i.e., chicken, duck, etc. However, in modern farms, it is always managed by vaccination, even though occasional outbreak of bird flu was also seen on the reports. In wild birds, it will be difficult to perform the general vaccination program and thus to monitor the infection status and make sure the individuals are free from bird flu are very important.

In daily management and rescue of these wild birds, we recommend you check the bird flu infection, which is quite important to keep the bird safe in the rescue and even provide proper medication when found sick.

How to run the bird flu testing?

There are several ways to run the bird flu testing, each of which is different in terms of accuracy, costs and complexity of testing. In the table below you will find out the fact details.

Method Detection target Principal Accuracy Cost Complexity of testing
lateral flow assay virus protein immunoassay >90% Low easy, no extra instrument required
ELISA virus protein immunoassay >95% Medium skilled staff, incubator, ELISA reader and lab
RT-PCR virus RNA PCR >99% High skilled staff, incubator, RT-PCR cycler and many other lab instrument

Generally, for wildlife rescue or wildlife rehabilitation center, the bird flu rapid test kit will be enough, because when the bird is observed sick, the flu virus shall be a big quantity and will be tested with rapid test. In other BSL-3 labs, RT-PCR is always used as the gold method for bird flu testing because of the specificity and sensitivity, as well as the high accuracy. 

What Ringbio can offer for bird flu testing?

At the moment, Ringbio has complete product line for bird flu testing, which include rapid test, ELISA, and RT-PCR. For HPAI, we have H5, H7 and H7 subtyping RT-PCR and duplex RT-PCR kit.

These kits are already validated inhouse and by some external clients from local research institutes.

If you are interested in any of these, please feel free to contact us.


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