How do you remove antibiotics from milk?

Apr 14, 2022
How do you remove antibiotics from milk?

What is antibiotic residues

Antibiotics are chemicals that can be used to treat bacteria or virus infections in human or animals. In animal production, sometimes, antbiotics are also used as growth promoters or feed additives.  Due to the potential impact on human medicine use, in some countries, antibiotics as feed additives or growth promoters have been limited. Antibiotics can easily be metablized by the animal and are released in the form of urine, milk, etc. 

Antibiotic residues in milk has become an important issue for milk safety, but is there any way to eliminate or remove these antibiotics in milk? In fact, this is also a hot topic for the animal industry. After certain withdraw time, the residues can still be detected, which will lead to milk rejection at collecting centers or milk plant.

How to remove antibiotics from milk

People are trying hard to remove these residues. In general, there are basically two ways to do so. Method No.1 is to add some masking reagent in the milk, so that the antibiotic residues are not detected, thus the residues are removed literally. Because you can not detect it, you will have to see it dosen't exisit.  The 2nd method is to add some kind of enzymes in the milk, which will destroy the antibiotics, so that they can be transformed into other compound, which may not have any regulations. If the antibiotic residues are not detected with current official method. They are also removed. Both ways are trying to cheat. Isn't it ridiculous?

Remove antibiotics from milk, the right way

How do you remove antibiotics from milk?

In fact, you can not remove any antibiotic residues from milk at all. All you need to know is that in animal production and dairy milk production, the industries follow strict regulations, for examples, withdraw time of veterinary drugs, strict detection frequcency and highly sensitive test kits, as well as a series of strict quality check to ensure the products meet every single standards. If you really want to test it, you can use milk rapid test kits from us, to detect if the residues are to the regulatory levels. The fact s when the milk is on your table, it is safe to drink. Just enjoy it.