Let's fight against COVID-19 together with our COVID-19 antigen rapid test kit

Nov 09, 2020
Let's fight against COVID-19 together with our COVID-19 antigen rapid test kit

If time travel is possible, many of those who are now suffering from COVID-19 will definitely choose to travel back then and to stop this epidemic in the beginning, or at least send some messages.

Spreading from Asia, America, Europe to Oceania, this viral disease is killing more than one million people. Especially now in the northern hemisphere, it is winter, a time when the flu and other respiratory diseases are quite active and may also cause an epidemic with similar symptoms and further anxiety. Now in Europe several countries are already locked down again and yet the re-open schedule is still unknown. People suffered, the countries damaged, and the world has changed. We can never get back to the time we were before. It is obvious that we will win this fighting against COVID-19. So let’s just pray for all and get through this epidemic in a scientific way. If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

Ringbio COVID-19 antigen rapid test kit is based on the sandwich immunoassay to detect COVID-19 specific antigens in nasal and mouth swabs.

  • Fast and reliable.
  • The total test time is only 10-15min.
  • Individual set available.

Currently, it is available in the format of 10tests per box, 20 tests per box, and an individual package. This test kit is CE marked and being validated by many EU countries. It is also listed by the German authorities. 

Click here to check more information on this COVID-19 antigen rapid test kit, you can also contact us directly by email at [email protected] to get more info.