Ringbio TriTest S BTS 3in1 test kit is now validated by ILVO

Jul 06, 2022
Ringbio TriTest S BTS 3in1 test kit is now validated by ILVO

July 6th, Beijing - Ringbio is pleased to announce that our TriTest S BTS 3in1 test kit is now validated by ILVO, Belgium. 

According to ILVO, the whole validation of the TriTest BTS test kit was executed following ISO Technical specification TS 23758 / IDF RM 251 "Guidelines for the validation of qualitative screening methods for the detection of residues of veterinary drugs in milk and milk products". Results of this validation show that Tritest BTS is an easy, reliable and highly specific test for screening of raw cows’ milk for residues of β-lactam antibiotics (penicillins and cefalosporins), tetracyclines and sulfonamides.  Before this new validation, Ringbio TriTest BTS test kit was also validated by Lácteos, INTI, the Dairy Research Center of INTI, Argentina.

Up to now, all major products of Ringbio have been validated by ILVO or other international institutes. For example, the renowed Beta-lactams & Tetracyclines Combo Test Kit, Aflatoxin M1 Rapid Test Kit, etc. 

Trusted by our partners and customers, Ringbio has always been focusing on food safety test kit development. More than 280 employees at the company are always at your disposal. If you need any products or services, just feel free to contact us.

About TriTest S BTS 3in1 test kit

This test kit is a 10min lateral flow immunoassay kit to detect beta-lactams, tetracyclines and sulfa drugs. The detection limits meet EU MRLs. The test can be used for the quick detection of these drug residues in raw milk, UHT milk, etc. 

About ILVO

Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO) is an independent scientific research institute of Flanders Government. Its assignment from the government is to work on the sustainability of agriculture, fisheries and agri-food sector. ILVO's work is strongly anchored in Flanders and extends from there to Belgium, Europe and the rest of the world.