Ringbio Pig Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit has been upgraded

Aug 05, 2021
Ringbio Pig Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit has been upgraded

August, 4th, Beijing - Ringbio is pleased to announce that our pig pregnancy test strip has been updated to a pig pregnancy rapid test kit. This renewal is not a simple change in the form of the product, which is also bringing new improvements in the detection accuracy, sensitivity and precision of the product performance. According to the internal validation of our R&D department, the current new pig pregnancy test kit will improve the detection accuracy by 15% than the old version. 

The new product is based on a rapid test card, which avoids the complicated operation steps of the old test strip model. It can also save the user's operation time and improve operation accuracy. According to the packaging of the current design, each kit contains 50 test cards and 50 plastic pipettes. When running the testing, the client only needs to collect the urine sample and then take 6-7 drops (about 150ul) into the sampling well of the test card with a plastic pipette, and then wait for about 10 minutes to determine the result.

This new pig pregnancy rapid test kit can be stored at room temperature. There is no need for refrigeration. This is also one of the biggest improvements compared with the past. At present, this test kit is mainly used in farmed pigs for the detection of pregnancy after artificial insemination or mating. It can also be used in pet pig testing.

If you are interested in this pig pregnancy rapid test kit, please contact us as soon as possible.