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Companion animal, pet animal testing solutions

Take care of your beloved companion animal carefully as they may also suffer from disease and infections like us humans. Cats and dogs are the most popular pets now, which have become part of life and community. Ringbio cares for them just as much as you do.

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African Swine Fever Testing

African swine fever is currently widespread in Africa, Eastern Europe and Western Europe. Since there is no cure and vaccine to ASF, the current best way to eradicate ASF is to test the herd routinely to eliminate positive pigs and to avoid potential infection.In this article, the following topics are covered.

  • ASF testing technologies
  • ASF news
  • ASF test products

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Mink Aleutian Disease Testing Solutions

Aleutian Disease (also ADV, for Aleutian Disease Virus) or Mink Plasmacytosis is caused by a highly contagious parvovirus (Carnivore amdoparvovirus 1) affecting mustelids, causing spontaneous abortion and death in minks and ferrets. ADV is highly contagious. It is transferred through a ferret's bodily fluids, and it can lie dormant in dried urine or on an owner's clothes and shoes for up to two years. 

Here at Ringbio, we offer,

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Dairy Milk Test Kits

La leche es un alimento muy importante para las personas actualmente. Los residuos de antibióticos en la leche son muy peligrosos debido a la amenaza potencial para la salud humana. Los límites máximos de residuos se establecen para mantener la leche segura.

Ahora en RINGBIO, tenemos una serie de kits para la detección de residuos de antibióticos. Todos de los kits son CE marcados.  La lista a continuación es el detalle. Nosotros también estamos trabajando con ILVO, Bélgica, para validar nuestros kits de prueba, de modo que su rendimiento cumpla con los más altos estándares de la UE.

Aquí están los productos más populares

Beta lactamicos y tetraciclinas BT Combo 2en1 Test Kit
Pruebas de aflatoxina M1
Beta lactamicos, tetraciclinas, sulfa and quinolonas BTSQ 4en1 QuaTest
Gentamicin, Neomicin, Kanamicin, Streptomicin GNKS 4en1 QuaTest (siendo validado)

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Swine Disease Test Kits

Ringbio has been working in swine diagnostics for decades. We have successfully developed several important diagnostic kits for swine testing. These kits were validated by local institutes and international laboratories, as well as used frequently in different sizes of farms and swine producers to provide important data for herd management.

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Poultry Test KIts

The poultry industry uses sophisticated animal nutrition and feeding technology to achieve high performance. Vaccination is also one important tool that contributed to this great success. Here at RINGBIO, we developed a series of rapid test kits for important poultry disease.

  • Avian influenza virus antigen rapid test kit
  • Avian influenza virus antibody rapid test kit
  • Avian leukosis antigen rapid test kit
  • Avian leukosis antibody rapid test kit

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