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Pseudorabies VirusgE , PRV gE Real-time PCR Kit is used to detect PRV gE gene sequence in swine serum, plasma, tissue, sperm and environmental samples.

Pseudorabies is a disease of swine that can also affect cattle, dogs, cats, sheep, and goats. Pseudorabies virus (PRV) is a contagious herpesvirus that causes reproductive problems, (abortion, stillbirths), respiratory problems and occasional deaths in breeding and finishing hogs. It is a major viral disease manifested in swine by signs and lesions that vary among different age groups. Infected newborn pigs may exhibit central nervous system clinical signs. Due to gE-depletion vaccine is used in swine industry, this kit can be used in differenciate the natual PRV or vaccine PRV.

Key facts of this Pseudorabies Virus gE, PRV gE Real-time PCR Kit

  • Ready to use kits for veterinary labs
  • No special instrument required
  • Only less than 60min to get the result
  • Low cost with high sensitivity

Performance of the Pseudorabies Virus gE, PRV gE Real-time PCR Kit

The kit is based on real-time PCR to detect classical swine fever virus in swine serum and tissue samples, which is rapid, accurate and easy-to-operate. 

Pseudorabies Virus gE, PRV gE Real-time PCR Kit Components

  • Negative Control
  • Positive Control
  • Enzyme Mix
  • Sample buffer

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