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Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) is an enzyme naturally present in all raw milks, which is used as an indicator of proper milk pasteurization. Complete pasteurization will inactivate the enzyme to below levels which are detectable by conventional methods. Because the heat stability of ALP is greater than that of pathogens which may be present in milk, the enzyme serves as an indicator of product safety. However, the failure to detect ALP activity does not guarantee that the product is pathogen free. The current ALP rapid test strip is based on chemical reaction of ALP with its substrate to detect ALP activity in pasteurized milk. It is specific and accurate.

Key facts of the ALP Rapid Test Strip

  • Ready to use test strip
  • No extra instrument needed
  • Applicable for pasteurized milk.

Detection Limit of the ALP rapid test strip

ALP 100mU/L in pasteurized milk, please check the kit instruction for details or contact us directly.

Technical Details of the ALP Rapid Test Strip

Product name Alkaline Phosphatase, ALP Rapid Test Strip
Product code T004
Principle Enzymatic assay
Sample milk, water, etc
Specificy 100%

100mU/L, or 0.5% raw milk in pasteurized milk

Shelf-life 12 months
Storage 2- 30 oC or 2-8 oC

How to use this ALP rapid test kit

The detection of samples is very easy. Just DIP-SHAKE-SEAL-INCUBATE, then check the result.

This test strip is only for one time use, do not use repeatedly.

ALP rapid test strip Kit Components

  • ALP Rapid Test Strip, 50pcs
  • PE bags, 50pcs
  • Kit instruction manual, 1 set

Materials required but not provided

  • Sample cup
  • Incubator
  • Timer

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